Embroidery is the process of embroidering a digitised design directly onto garments using state of the art industrial machines.

Multiple colour threads matched to industry standard Pantones ensure an accurate copy of the logo is achieved.

Embroidery gives a consistent high quality, permanent, three dimensional, textured look which is long lasting.


Cad-Cut Vinyl

Designs are digitally cut from sheets of coloured vinyl and are then applied to the garment using heat and pressure. Great for small to medium quantities.

Screen Print

The traditional method for medium to high volume printing. 

Single colour ink is applied directly through a screen onto the garment. This process is repeated with additional screens to produce a multi colour image.

Digital, Litho and Screen Print Transfers

Designs are printed onto a transfer medium which is then applied to the garment using heat and pressure. These methods work best for detailed, multi colour logos and are perfect for printing fine text. These can be used for small through to larger quantities.


The key to successful embroidery is the professional conversion (digitising) of a design into an embroidery file (or pattern) suitable for use on an industrial embroidery machine.

This is often an underestimated process that is vital to the final look of the design on the garments. We pride ourselves in the quality of our digitised logos. All logos are sampled for our customers' approval before applying to any garments.

Digitising is a one off process and all logos are held on file indefinitely for future use.


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